est. in 1929
Ron Barceló is the only Dominican rum produced with 100% sugarcane juice from our own plantations. A challenge on excellence that is conveyed to our products, thus confirming our company as an international benchmark in the industry capable of offering a wide a variety of prestigious rums recognized worldwide for their innovation. Offering quality products is our mission.
The origin of Barceló rum dates back to 1929, when Julián Barceló arrived in the Dominican Republic with the purpose of producing rum that would then go down in history as the best in the world. Just a year later, in 1930, he founded the company Barceló & Co. At that time the young Spaniard was only 26 years old, but with many dreams, and in a short time he started the production and marketing of his first rums throughout the country.
After years of experimentation, that the company was able to position itself on the local market. This success was due to the formal launch of Barceló Blanco and Dorado, products that were highly appreciated by consumers of the time.
The Ron Barceló Añejo was included in the brand’s product portfolio, characterized by a distinctive amber bottle, which over time established itself as the most exported Dominican rum.
The Ron Barceló, which was already at the top of the list of favourite national rums, began producing Ron Barceló Imperial, now the flagship Premium Rum among all Dominican rums, a rum that since its launch established itself as the leader in its segment until becoming today the Dominican rum most awarded by international organizations.
Then came the internationalization of the brand, with the start of exportation to countries such as Spain in 1994, thanks to which Ron Barceló currently ranks 3rd among Spirits in Spain.
A group of Spanish entrepreneurs formed a strategic alliance with Barceló & Co. to market the brand all over the world, with the exception of the Dominican Republic. In 2002, the Barceló & Co. company gave up its international activities, giving way to the group of Dominican-Spanish entrepreneurs, represented, for the Dominican part, by the Barceló Díaz and García families, thus giving birth to a new company, initially called Añejos Barceló – now Ron Barceló SRL.
Ron Barceló became the most exported dark rum according to IWSR (International Wine and Spirits Research) data. The presence of the brand was also consolidated in over 80 countries worldwide.
In 2020 Ron Barceló became the first rum in the world to be certified as Carbon Neutral.
Piña Colada
Piña Coladas are a slushy Caribbean vacation in a glass. They’re sweet, but in a totally delicious way because they’re frozen.
The mojito has many variations, and this is a good recipe to begin with and adjust to your taste.
Cuba Libre
Despite common practice, high-quality white rum really makes a difference here. Barcelo Ron Dominicano is the brand that immediately come to mind. All bring unexpected depth to an otherwise simple cocktail.
Barceló Sunrise
You don’t have to be a rock star to enjoy this cocktail. It’s sweet, refreshing and delicious, so mix one whenever the mood strikes.
Mai Tai
The mai tai is the ultimate tiki cocktail, and most people have never had a real one! Procuring orgeat is essential; you cannot substitute for it. The rum is also key. Barceló Añejo is go-to for a basic mai tai. It's great.
The White Russian is the definition of a guilty pleasure. It tastes like coffee ice cream. Best to just surrender.
White Cream Russian
This drinks like the true dinner time cocktail and has incredible balance. This one is definitely going to be a frequent aperitif to those beautiful summer dinners with friends and family.
Gran Añejo Citrus Twist
Dark Signature
When you're looking for a bloody good drink that will entertain and refresh, the dark signature is a great choice.
Hispaniola Latte
Lattes are fabulous and it's incredibly easy to transform that coffee house favorite into a happy hour delight.
Organic Basil Smash
The Organic Basil Smash is a great warm-weather drink that every cocktail maker should have in their repertoire.
Organic and Spicy
Summer would not be summer without fresh lemon and cucumbers. The two come together in one fabulous drink that is sure to delight everyone at your backyard barbecue.
Imperial and Tonic
Your new favorite way to enjoy tonic. This cocktail shines a new light on the two-part pairing. Tonic’s polarizing sharpness and tangy bitterness gels immensely with a mellow, dark spirit—Barceló Imperial—making this cocktail a treat.
Imperial Old Fashioned
​What if we mix a bit of rum. cherry and an orange peel? Pure magic in a glass! The imperial old-fashioned is a recipe that deserves attention and it's actually quite simple to make.
This martini variation is about as easy a drink as you can make. Don't overlook the importance of vermouth! It's what makes it a cocktail, rather than just straight booze.
Onyx Martini
This martini variation is about as easy a drink as you can make. Don't overlook the importance of vermouth! It's what makes it a cocktail, rather than just straight booze.
Premium blend neat
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